Blister packaging is the process of using heat to adhere a thermoformed plastic blister to a card coated with a special adhesive.  Sealing fixtures hold the parts in place during the sealing process.   Blister packaging is a very affordable way of presenting your product in a professional looking package.  The package can then be hung on a peg or counter displayed in a tray. Lafayette Industries has one of the largest contract blister packaging operations in the Midwest.   We blister pack millions of units per year, running multiple lines simultaneously.  Lafayette will customize our operation to meet your needs and deadlines.  Lafayette can do pre-blister assembly and also pack your blistered product in any number of configurations including displays.  Customers can provide thermoformed blisters and coated blister cards or Lafayette can provide a turnkey operation, sourcing blisters and cards for you, including the newer, sustainable materials.