The Coronavirus situation has affected everyone’s lives.  Many Lafayette employees will not be able to come to work for an extended period of time for a variety of reasons.  Lafayette wants to continue supporting ALL our employees through this difficult time.  We’ve created an initiative, “Keeping On, Keeping Connected!” to do just that.  Check this page daily, sometimes multiple times a day, as we post Positive Behavior Supports Videos, VIP videos and fun ways for everyone at Lafayette to Keep on and Keep Connected.

Safety Training

Positive Behavior Center

Dance Activity Video

Appropriate Greeting Video

Dice Activity Arm Exercises 1

Dice Activity Arm Exercise 2

Folding Clothes

Drawing a Picture

Strategies for Feeling “Fast”, 5-22-2020

Getting Back to “Ready to Work”, 5-27-2020

Using the PBC, 5-19-2020

Using the PBC Scale, 5-20-2020

Dealing with Change at Work part 2, 5-14-2020

Behavior Mapping Follow-up, 5-15-2020

Strategies for Following Directions, 5-11-2020

Navigating Feedback at Work, 5-12-2020

Dealing with Change at Work part 1, 5-13-2020

Small problems and solutions, 5-7-2020

Using your work support system, 5-8-2020

Following Work Expectations, 5-4-2020

Adjusting to Change at Work, 5-5-2020

Dealing with Distractions at Work, 4-29-2020

The Importance of Eye Protection at Work, 4-30-2020

Thinking Flexibly to Solve Work Problems, 5-1-2020

Gratitude Journal, 4-27-2020

Interrupt or Wait? Conversation cues, 4-28-2020

Types of Feedback, 4-23-2020

Staying Safe, 4-24-2020

Topic Matching, 4-21-2020

Asking Questions, 4-22-2020

Negative Feedback, 4-17-2020

Social Behavior Mapping, 4-20-2020

Thought Journal 4-7-2020

Thought Journal part 2 4-8-2020

What tools are your using? 4-2-2020

Friends and Family, 4-3-2020

Wash your hands with Alli, 4-6-2020

Feeling Flow Chart, March 30, 2020

Matching Problems to Solutions, March 31, 2020

Feelings Journal, April 1, 2020

Square Breathing, March 25, 2020

Tense and Relax March 26, 2020

Lafayette Poem, March 27, 2020

Rob and Bobbie

Weekly Wrap Up, 8-21-2020

Weekly Wrap Up, 8-7-2020

Weekly Wrap Up, 8-14-2020

Weekly Wrap-Up, 7-24-2020

Weekly Wrap-Up and July Anniversary Awards!

Weekly Wrap Up, 7-10-2020

Weekly Wrap Up, 7-17-2020

Special Guest Alesia Roccia 6-26-2020

June Anniversary Awards

Weekly Wrap-Up, 6-12-2020

Weekly Wrap Up, 6-19-2020

May Anniversary Awards, 5-29-2020

Weekly Wrap-up, 6-5-2020

Rob and Bobbie talk about Pride, 5-15-2020

Weekly Wrap-up, 5-22-2020

Weekly wrap-up, 5-1-2020

Weekly wrap-up, 5-8-2020


Weekly Wrap-up, 4-24-2020


Weekly Wrap-up, 4-17-2020

March Anniversary Awards



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Stretching with Alicia F, 5-20-2020

Fitness with Z-Man, 4-7-2020

Stretching with Z-Man, 4-27-2020

Mayor Mike’s  Art Video

Soap making with Morgan