The shrink wrapping process utilizes a straight edge “knife” or  “L-bar” sealer to form a flexible plastic bag around the product.  The product is then conveyed into a heat tunnel where the bag shrinks tightly around the product.  This is an optimal means of processing multi packs for the retail shelf as well as for warehouse inner packs.  Boots, trays and header cards can be added for marketing and essential print surface.  Lafayette operates shrink wrap packaging services at both of our locations.  We have several brands of sealers (knife and L-bar) and tunnels with a variety of conveyor configurations to be able to provide the best equipment combination that will run your product efficiently and with the best quality.  Here at Lafayette we welcome a challenge!  Combining large and small sizes, multi packs, glue dots or no glue dots, with trays/boots or none, we can do it all.   Product labeling, preassembly and display assembly can be added to the shrink wrap lines.