Glee Club Volunteer Information – Spring 2023

Everyone (parents/guardians/caregivers) must sign up to volunteer for one night over the course of their assigned Glee Club program. Volunteers are required to be present in the lunchroom from 3:00 pm until everyone is picked up.

Entering and Leaving the Building

  • Volunteers must sign in and out at the front desk
  • All visitors who enter the building (excluding pick-ups) are required to sign in and out at the front desk
  • Participants should exit the building from the lunchroom doors
  • Lunchroom doors are automatically unlocked at 3pm and will relock at 4:10pm

Dismissal of Participants

  • Everyone must exit the building through the lunchroom doors
  • Volunteers must remain on site until all participants have left

General Information

  • Volunteers are encouraged to sit on opposite end of the Glee Club meeting
  • Volunteers are not responsible for providing any instruction
  • Music Therapists may seek assistance from Volunteers should an employee become ill or need to go home early


2023 Glee Club - Spring TUESDAYS

2023 Glee Club - Spring WEDNESDAYS